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It's been a little while!

No blogging lately, I wasn't feeling too well and needed to handle other things first. Needless to say, I'm going to blog more often from now or at least try to.

This is one of my fave's.. really, I LOVE this nail polish! An old picture but it will do since it's dark outside now anyways,and making a picture will give the same result as this one.

It's Channelesque from China Glaze, and as you can see it's pretty nice.
But now something else: my mother is going to Paris next week and she asked me if I had something on my wishlist. Apart from Chanel bags and Louboutin shoes (hello? PARIS!) I can't ask from her (hehe) I came up with nail polish. I am hoping for Chanel Jade but I'm not sure if that one is around.

Any suggestions on what to ask her to bring home for me? So Jade is now on the ''wishlist'' and a hoodie that says I love Paris for the lazy days at home.

I'd also love to share with you all my recent shoe purchase...I have been looking for ages to find this pair because they are pretty hard to find! Ladies (and prob. no gents), let me introduce you to the ultimate spring shoe:

I love the sparkle on these and can't wait to put them on my feet. I am already wondering what nailpolish will go best with this pair? Oh and before I forget: I got my MUA swapping package and I will do a post on that probably tomorrow!

Have a lovely day.